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Look back and forward, here’s our work for you to explore it. To know us is to trust us.


Mentorfly is a Micro Mentoring community for on-the-go professionals Mentees request a mentor from your LinkedIn network Mentors expand your relationships and earn recognition.

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La Parrilla

La Parrilla is a Mexican Restaurant. Since 1994, they have been serving up a Fiesta, with exciting and delicious menu items that are sure to enchant and fascinate our guests.

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Ariel Rose

Ariel Rose is an American singer she has a unique sound and broad vocal range coupled with a look all her own.

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Paz Sin Fronteras

Is a peace movement inspired by its two top leaders, Juanes and Miguel Bosé, who through art, culture and the support  of well-known musicians, promote the construction of PEACE in the world.

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Fonseca is a colombian singer, musician and composer. He is well known for his versatility and his broad and extensive career

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Julio Reyes Copello

A Colombian producer, pianist and composer, who found passion for music at an early age and has pursued it with honors ever since. 

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Top Stop Music

Top Stop Music is the record label for atists like Luis Enrique and Prince Royce. You can find in here all the news about them and much more...

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Avaya Evolutions 

This is the largest Business Collaboration event in Canada and Latin America  with over 15,000 attendants since its beginning in June 2010.

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Margarita Rosa Site

The official Margarita Rosa de Francisco website is an interactive project, a simple and shocking solution for the actress, who publishes content of her own on this space.

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Universal Musica

As the most recognized Latin Music Record Label with more than 70+ artists, UMLE is comprised of four labels, we created a custom CMS.

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Ricky Martin official web site is a space for Ricky´s online community. Fans could share their passion about Martin´s music and enjoy the benefits of belong to Ricky Martin´s online community.

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Ricky Martin Foundation

The Ricky Martin Foundation advocates for the well being of children around the globe in critical areas such as social justice, education and health.

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