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ar our history


AR Solutions was founded as a result of our interest and need to offer a direct communication channel to a variety of clients. Utilizing Internet and new technologies, we incorporated our experience from the music industry, mechatronic engineering, artist management and a corporate environment to find and develop the required tools and strategies to achieve an effective and direct communication.

We wanted to take advantage of our interest to transform the online presence of our corporate clients, and artists into the most powerful online marketing tool.

In 2004, we started honoring our skills and building our portfolio specializing in two areas, corporate and music industry.

Through software development and innovative applications for the market, we transformed the tedious old-school processes of creating content for the Internet into a continued and faster development in order to achieve high impact and a great level of commitment on the online communities of our clients, beginning the development of a concept not recognized at the time, the marketing on social media networks.


Social Media

(Hyperconnected, social network addicted and creative)

Creates and develops content to increase number of conversations and interactions. Motivates and energizes the community, makes connections with influencers.


(Colors, shapes, sketch… artistic thinking)

Defines the look and feel of the project, sets the color palette, typography and illustrations. Proposes functional design initiatives.


(Codes, techs, a little geeky)

Through codes and specialized language, the programmer takes the final design to the web.


(CSS/and/html | CUTTERS)

Turns the design into a code. Integrates design and technology on your Project.

Social Strategist

(Achievers, they find how to keep it up)

Develops proposals and initiatives. Creates detailed monthly and weekly reports for the clients.

Social Analyst

(Measure, tracKing, always watching what and how you’re doing)

Listens and analyzes conversations on Internet. Studies and develops community profiles.

Content Creative

(Looking for pics, videos, infographics… things to talk about)

Explores every corner of the Internet, developes high impact content on any format.

OUR Enviroment

Our Enviroment


To make a supportive company is to live it, know it, and practice it from within. Every day, teaching and learning is our way to build it, to contribute to teamwork, moving ideas and inspiration.